An Idea Factory

It is never as simple as it could be.

Ideas are just that.  Until one makes a concious decision to get started. But even then it is a question of jumping through hoops, if you can find them. This is something that has already taken close on twenty years to get started and I doubt I will ever get there. Much like the lotus pond I started digging in Nong Prue.

Corporate social responsibility

Badly timed I have no doubt. But I have decided to start reaching out and looking to see if I cant interest a corporate partner to start looking at Ask a Local.

My first enquiry was a Contact form addressed to One Stop . Local community convenience stores that are a Tesco subsidary which I have a preference for. Reasonable pricing and no minimum charge on credit cards.

Ask a Local

When information is “transferred”, when it is “passed from one to another”,  no one  “loses” anything.

This being the conclusion after an experiment  undertaken in the slums of New Delhi in which street kids taught themselves how to use a computer to access and use the internet.

The proposition is that we have everything to gain by sharing what we know. The key needed to open doors to opportunities offered on the net.

Facilitating the transfer of skills and know how.

Nothing new in this. Shared experiences and the development of virtual online communities where the value generated can be filtered down directly to whoever makes the effort to participate and contribute.

This is what we mean by a Poorman’s Franchise