Troubled times

I have been lucky.

The job I have is more frustrating than it is challenging. Few if any staff benefits, together with zero chance of career advancement and development opportunities.

But I am still employed.

The money that’s still needed, is deposited into the bank every month and as long as I bite my tongue and keep my head down, we will be OK. Which is more than can be said for many in these troubled times.

As often as I think about it, I have to remind myself just one of the reasons why working for oneself is not always what it is cracked up to be. Besides the ever present uncertainty there inevitably comes a time in every growing business, when you have to start making compromises. Times when you start to wonder why the hell you ever got yourself into the situation.

Obstacles, challenges and problems which can never be anticipated.

More often than not, complications which begin to surface once you start employing others to do the things you no longer have time or the skills you need. The point at which your needs, the needs of the business have to be tempered and watered down to accommodate ‘others’.

When clarity and singular purpose is superseded by the need to communicate, to share and grow relationships. Never an easy transition.

Reason to think twice about making the jump? Maybe not.

Few ever listen and those that do will never know. Something I would probably do all over again. But once bitten an experience that makes a good argument to continue looking for that elusive alternative.

A reason to hang onto what I have for now. Whilst I build from  home brick by brick . No staff, minimal overheads and a recurring monthly income. The perfect business.

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