Finding Work

After two long years in a dead-end job on the graveyard shift, my wife and family joined me in the UK. The move was never easy.  The process took far too long. Is eye wateringly expensive and the visa application process is a nightmare. But we got through it.  Landing, as a family once again, at Heathrow at the end of January.

Squeaking in just before the Coronavirus locked in.

Now, some five months later,  it’s time to get the boys into school and to find my wife something to do.

Once again it’s proving to be something that is not not as easy as it could be.  Who are the employers in the area? What sort of jobs are available? Which agencies can I contact?

A situation where I could do with some help. Some friendly advice from someone who has a reason to share their experience and who will point me in the right direction.

An opportunity?……………. Possibly.

I am slowly finding my way way round the obstacles I bump into, learning what to do from the mistakes I am making. Experience I am sure that I could share, which  someone else could also benefit from.

But how does one get the idea out of the box? How does one build it into the resource it could become?

The answer is simple: add people.

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