Village franchise

Thailand supports a plethora of small local business brands and franchises.  In every village no matter how quiet and rural the chances are that you will find a coffee kiosk and if not coffee, tea.  And generally it will be one or other of the branded franchises no one else has ever heard of.

The coffee culture in Thailand started emerging in the early 2000’s.  At a time there were very few if any coffee stalls, there were no boutique coffee shops and hardly any of the glossy corporate chains.

If I am not mistaken there was  Black Canyon. But that was about it. Today it is a very different story.

There are coffee stalls and kiosks everywhere. Amazon coffees have sprung up like mushrooms at PTT petrol stops. And they are being followed by the likes of Inthanin and others. The market has quite literally exploded into a coffee culture that is uniquely Thai.

Uniquely Thai in that the franchise concept has filtered right down to the micro business level with Mom & Pop running their busiess from home. It is not just coffee and tea either. There are franchise options for noodle carts and the sale of fresh meat.

Franchising is recognised as a business model that works for both the franchisor as well as the vendor.

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